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Beginner and General Aikido Lessons for Adults in the El Paso Area

Students aged 15 and up can participate and benefit from aikido lessons for adults from Aikido of El Paso. Aikido is more than just a kind of self-defense. It is an effective way to increase flexibility and strength while decreasing stress and weight. When an adult chooses aikido, he or she will exercise while learning a traditional martial art. Students are able to train at their own individual levels, in classes conducted to meet everyone’s needs. Experienced instructors are present to help students at every step. Students are simply expected to have a willingness to try, attend classes, and enjoy the learning experience. Aikido lessons for adults provide much more than what one might gain from a gym membership. Martial arts training offers life-changing benefits that improve mental and physical abilities, delving deeply into the mind/body connection.

What Aikido Lessons for Adults Have to Offer

It’s no surprise that adults lead busy lives. Between work and family, it may be difficult for people in El Paso to find a way to exercise and stay healthy. Instead of buying a gym membership, consider enrolling in aikido classes for adults. Aikido of El Paso offers an extensive schedule to meet the needs of our students. Most classes are in session for 55 minutes and there is unlimited training available. But aikido stands apart from other martial arts and workout regimes. Aikido is both a budo and a philosophy. Students can learn self-defense while employing non-resistant tactics. This practice can translate to the life of the student, benefiting them in both mind and body. Adult classes are available every day of the week, except for Friday. Classes range from basic/beginner to mixed.

Aikido for Beginners: Your First Steps

Aikido of El Paso offers aikido lessons for beginners who are interested in the martial art. These classes are available to everyone. Senior and more advanced students are encouraged to participate. Beginner lessons provide more explanation with the practice of basic techniques and the art of falling, “ukemi.” New students will become comfortable with falling and the fundamentals of footwork and body movement. These classes are taught in a traditional manner. Although new students are blended in with more experienced students, additional attention will be provided until they are comfortable.

General Aikido and Weapons Classes for Adults

General classes are conducted at a faster pace, with less emphasis on explanation and more on practice and experimentation. This allows students to have more individual practice. During general classes, the traditional aikido weapons of bokken, jo, and tanto are introduced. These weapons are the foundation for understanding the empty hand’s technique. Bokken (wooden sword), tanto (short sword), and jo (staff) are the traditional aikido weapons. Students learn katas, partnered practice, and weapons taking. Aikido of El Paso offers a variety of classes and lessons for students to learn as much as they can about the martial art. Aikido is an excellent activity that provides a full body workout. There is room in the dojo for the entire spectrum of experience. Students are invited to find their own place, their own pace, and their own reasons for practicing aikido.

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