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Martial arts are named that because they truly are an art form. Much like a painting or interpretive dance, martial arts make use of naturality to create something beautiful. In many cases, this beauty can be used as a force for protection or defense. Aikido, for instance, can be seen as the perfect form of self-defense. Instead of imparting negativity and violence into the world, aikido teaches the student to use outside energy to defend oneself. Aikido is often seen as the most effortless martial art form. But achieving that weightlessness takes time, practice, and precision. If you’re looking for aikido lessons for beginners in the Southwest, Aikido of El Paso can help.

The Foundation of Aikido

Aikido is much more than a form of self-defense. It is a budo which is a term used to denote a way of life or, more profoundly, the way of the universe itself. For this reason, aikido training is meant to train both the body and the spirit. It is a philosophically enlightening artform that enhances the mind of the practitioner while empowering the body.  Aikido is not meant to be seen as a competition where the strongest prevails. It’s meant to be a chance for practitioners to better themselves while overcoming the enemies that reside within the spirit.

What To Expect from Aikido Lessons for Beginners

Aikido is very different from other martial art forms. For one, aikido is inherently defensive. Through aikido, practitioners use the negative energy from an outside force (or attacker) in order to defend themselves and the attacker as well. By learning the tenants of exerting expansive power and balance, practitioners will be able to generate energy that can then be used to deter attacks.

Watching aikidōka (aikido practitioners) may look a bit odd at first. One individual comes at the other and then they get flipped upside down or roll over on their backs. It may look more like an interpretive dance than self-defense. The flowing, artful vision of aikido may appear simple on the surface. It does, however, take time and persistence to achieve this level of mastery.

Take Your First Steps

If you’re ready to achieve enlightenment through aikido, contact Aikido of El Paso. This martial art form is excellent for children and adults alike. We offer aikido lessons for beginners and experts alike throughout the week. Give us a call today to learn more about how aikido training can benefit your life!