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General or Mixed Aikido Lessons from Aikido of El Paso

Aikido of El Paso offers classes for all ages and experience levels. It is a martial art that, on principle, caters to students of every age. As students advance in the art, they gain the ability to move on to our general or mixed classes. Unlike the other classes taught at Aikido of El Paso, which are all open to anyone, admission to mixed and general classes is at the discretion of the sensei teaching. This is because our general classes are conducted at a faster pace. Less emphasis is paid to explanation while there is a more in-depth focus on practice and experimentation. This leads to more individual practice which allows our general students to further expand their knowledge of aikido. Aikido of El Paso is proud to provide general and mixed aikido classes to the Southwest area.

What To Expect from General or Mixed Aikido Lessons

General or mixed classes assume an understanding of the basics of fundamentals of footwork. Therefore, there is less verbal instruction on the basis that would be found in a beginners class. Techniques shown, demonstrated, and practiced are of a more advanced nature. Aikido is too dynamic so it does not have katas or set piece techniques. More individual practice means that the partners are free to experiment and find a way to fit the technique to their individual needs and abilities. As one advances in aikido, the martial art begins to take on the characteristics of the student’s own personality. General or mixed classes introduce the use of bokken, jo, and tanto. These weapons of aikido provide a great foundation for understanding the empty hand technique.

Gaining Ranks in Aikido

Students of general or mixed classes can go on to test their skills according to the guidelines set forth by the United States Aikido Federation. There are only two belts in aikido, white and black. Students progress through the white belt kyu ranks 5th through 1st, then the black belt dan ranks. Aikido is a challenging martial art. In order to achieve the rank of black belt, students should expect to train for five to seven years. Aikido involves more than techniques. It can become a way of life, a method of personal transformation. Our general or mixed classes help push students to the limit, so they can continue to hone their skills.

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