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The Importance of Self Defense Training | React at a Moment’s Notice

By El Paso TX, Self Defense Classes

How often have you considered taking self-defense classes? Perhaps you watched a few Jackie Chan movies and felt inspired to take up some lessons. Or maybe you had a scary encounter or close call with a violent individual. Whatever the reasoning may be, you can rest assured knowing that anytime is a good time to get into self-defense. If you’re reading this blog post when it goes up on Aikido of El Paso’s website, then perhaps you’re currently planning a summer vacation with your family. If so, then right now is perfect for you to take up self-defense classes at our academy. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of self-defense!


Preparing For the Worst


The thought of an event taking place in which you’ll have to defend yourself, your family, or a loved one may not be one you want to have. Even if you lead a safe life, you never know who may be at the other end of a dark alleyway or in an empty parking structure. As much as we’d like to avoid thinking about facing dangerous situations, it’s in your best interest to have some knowledge on what to do during particularly hairy situations. You’d like to remain safe while protecting your loved ones from harm. Doing so will require accuracy, stability, and knowledge. Instead of using brute force against an attacker, you can learn the ways of aikido in order to defend yourself without using any of your own energy. Instead, you’ll be able to use the attacker’s own momentum to push them off balance. This may give you enough time to run away and contact the police. When you prepare for the worst, you’re able to go about your life with the knowledge that you can take care of yourself if the situation requires it.


Knowledge of Self-Defense is Crucial When Traveling


Let’s return to the example of a summer trip. Perhaps at home, you feel safe and know your neighborhood like the back of your hand. But what if you go to an unfamiliar city? Or what if you travel overseas to a place where no one speaks your language? In these situations, knowledge of self-defense becomes more crucial than ever before. Unsavory folk often target tourists in popular cities, tracking and following them for hours until the perfect time to strike arises. Now, put yourself in this scenario. If a strange man tries to steal your backpack or purse, you want to be able to protect yourself and your belongings while incapacitating your attacker and you want to do so as quickly as possible. Aikido training can help center your mind and body so you’ll be able to react in a moment’s notice. 


Self-Defense Classes for Men, Women, and Children


If you’re in the El Paso area and you’d like to learn self-defense, then you’ve come to the right place! Aikido is an excellent form of self-defense. As a martial art, aikido is able to provide physical, mental, and spiritual training to every practitioner. Contact Aikido of El Paso today to learn more about what we have to offer!

two adult men practicing aikido on the coast of a body of water

Famous People Who Practice Aikido

By Aikido Lessons, El Paso TX

If you ever looked up a list of famous and well-known aikido practitioners on Wikipedia, you’ll see a variety of individuals who live both interesting and common lives. Among the names, you’ll see those who studied under Morihei Ueshiba, Aikido’s founder. His teachings continue to live on to this day through his students and his own children. You’ll also find actors, writers, professors, and so much more. For today’s blog post, we will list a few famous aikidoka whose lives have become enriched with the practice of Aikido. If you’d like to enrich your own life, then join Aikido of El Paso.

Sean Connery

[CC BY-SA 3.0 (]The original James Bond himself, Sean Connery, told Jay Leno in 1996 that he was a Nidan in Aikido. During this Tonight Show interview, Connery went on to say that he actually broke his wrist while practicing aikido with fellow aikidoka Steven Segal. This may sound counterintuitive (since Aikido relates more to self-defense than other martial art forms) but it’s something that could actually happen. Perhaps Connery might’ve been a bit too aggressive against Segal who, then, used this aggression against Connery thus breaking his wrist. Aikido is often seen as nothing more than self-defense training but practitioners can easily injure their opponents. Hopefully this spar with Segal didn’t cause Connery to give up the martial art. Although Mr. Connery is 88 years old, he can very well still be practicing aikido, albeit without Steven Segal!

Jerry Seinfeld

[CC BY 2.0 (]When you look at Jerry Seinfeld, you possibly don’t see an aikido practitioner. Sure, maybe you can imagine an episode of Seinfeld where Kramer gets obsessed with Aikido and hilarity ensues but, in reality, Seinfeld himself considers aikido a “wonderful subject.” In an interview with Parade Magazine, the comedian is quoted as saying “I studied that for a while, the martial art. I love that. That’s a wonderful subject. Very good in marriage. I would suggest Aikido training for anyone thinking of getting married” Clearly, this is Seinfeld being funny but there’s a lot of truth to his statement. Aikido is the way of the spirit of harmony. What one learns when practicing aikido can be used for mental and physical self-defense. You’ll learn how to traverse through difficult situations, many of which can crop up within a marriage.

Joan Baez

Rowland Scherman [Public domain]The seminal folk-singer, Joan Baez, is a black belt in Aikido. Much like Seinfeld, Baez understands the benefits Aikido has had in her life. She’s quoted as saying, “Aikido is carrying over into my life. A few years ago I would have been waking up at night. Not now.”

Join Aikido of El Paso, Today!

Aikido may not be the most popular martial art form but it does play an incredibly positive role in the lives of those who partake in it. If you’re ready to enrich your life, then join Aikido of El Paso!

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Aikido: The Way of Harmony with the Spirit

By El Paso TX, Martial Arts

There’s a sense of peace that tends to manifest when we exercise. Be it going for an early morning jog or bench pressing weights at the gym, we manifest a mental state of repetition that can often lead to a state of meditation. Even if we don’t actively try to achieve this state, it still occurs. You might listen to music or a podcast as you go about your workout, this sends you further into a state of oneness with your mind, body, and soul. That’s why you feel so good after working out. But if you’d like to take your workout to the next level, on a physical and spiritual level, consider partaking in aikido classes.

Aikido: The Origins

Aikido, a Japanese martial art, may seem similar to Jiu-Jitsu as it involves throws and joint locks as well as techniques similar to Kenjutsu. Unlike other popular martial art styles, aikido doesn’t focus on attacks such as punching or kicking. Instead, it focuses on using the opponent’s energy in order to control them. By using this “opposing” momentum to your advantage, you’ll be able to defend yourself. But Aikido is much more than a method of self-defense, it’s a way of life! That may sound grandiose but it’s true. Aikido can lead to self-defense, enlightenment, and peace of mind. You see, the term “aikido” can be literally translated as “the way of harmony with the spirit.” Each lesson can be used to positively impact your life, on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.

Become Part of a Positive Community

If you’re curious about this martial art, you can visit Aikido of El Paso to take a look at what you can expect from a regular day of practice. Or, you could also look up aikido on Youtube. It may seem like a choreographed dance but it’s all real. The setting of aikido is safe but everything you see is the actual use of motion and momentum to cause the opponent to become unbalanced. Achieving this degree of smooth effortlessness takes practice, of course. Once you gain knowledge of aikido, you’ll be able to use it in your daily life. It’s a force for good in the world and you’ll become a vessel for such positivity. We all have a place in nature; aikido helps us live in harmony. Give Aikido of El Paso a call today to learn more about the benefits of this martial art!

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Your Most Frequently Asked Questions Aikido, Answered!

By Aikido Lessons, El Paso TX

Martial arts are an incredibly popular option for children and adults alike to exercise and learn self-defense. Although karate and taekwondo may be the most popular martial arts, there are other types that may better suit your needs. Aikido of El Paso is proud to provide aikido lessons to students, young and old alike. Below, we’ve outlined a handful of our most asked questions. If you don’t see the answers you’re looking for here, don’t worry! Simply give us a call and we’ll gladly answer any questions you may have.

1) How Much are the Lessons?

Adults monthly $108, kids 7 to 16 $75. There are family or sibling discounts available and other discounts may be applied, as well. Contact us to learn more about our current promotions.

2) Are There Free Tryout Lessons?

Yes. Everyone is invited to observe and, if they wish, they may also participate in a class. We offer this option for individuals to be able to see the fluidity of aikido in action.

3) How Old Do You Have to Be to Practice Aikido?

We begin teaching at age 7. Exceptions are on a case by case basis. People can partake in aikido from the ages of 7 to 70 and older. Everyone in the family can participate in aikido!

4) Will I Have to Buy My Own Uniform? What’s the Meaning of the Uniform?

Yes, unless enrolled under one of the discount promotions. Students may start by wearing comfortable exercise clothes. There is no intrinsic meaning the uniform is a traditional martial art attire. The hakama or blue covering is reserved for dan/instructor ranks at Aikido of El Paso.

Choose Aikido of El Paso, Today!

Aikido is an excellent martial art choice for children and adults alike. If you’re looking for something for your child to do, why not visit our academy to see a class? Who knows, maybe it’ll become your family’s new past time! If you’re interested in our aikido lessons, give us a call or simply visit our academy. This way, you’ll be able to see how a normal day at Aikido of El Paso looks. We’re proud to provide the El Paso area with great aikido lessons. If you’re ready to become a part of the Aikido of El Paso team, then give us a call or click through our website to take a look at our programs.

two individuals partaking in an aikido duel

How Aikido Can Improve Your Life

By Aikido Classes for Adults, El Paso TX

Aikido may not be as popular as karate or tae kwon do but it’s still an incredibly useful martial art style. For starters, it’s a great way to stay in shape and learn vital self-defense skills. But aikido goes far deeper than any simple self-defense class. In fact, aikido practitioners are able to improve both their bodies and minds. If you’re interested in this martial art, visit Aikido of El Paso! We’re the Sun City’s go-to aikido academy and we always welcome new students. Keep reading to learn more about the many benefits aikido has to offer!

Improve Flexibility

As we age, we begin to lose our flexibility. This is often due to living a sedentary lifestyle. Perhaps you sit in an office chair at work, from 8-5, then you drive home to sit on the couch to watch television. We understand that many people live their lives like that and we’re not judging! We’re just pointing out how those habits can cause us to lose our ability to be as flexible as we’d like. Being flexible isn’t just for picking up things from the floor. By being more flexible, you’ll be able to live a happier, healthier life!

Increase Posture, Balance, and Coordination

Building on the flexibility, aikido also helps individuals with their posture, balance, and coordination. Have you ever seen someone with immaculate posture? Perhaps right now you subconsciously adjusted your shoulders so you could stand a little straighter. Aikido can help improve your posture so you won’t have to think about it anymore! Similarly enough, you’ll also be able to improve your balance and coordination. As we age, issues with balance and coordination can lead to injuries. So, by building up your balance and coordination through aikido, you’ll be able to live a safer life.

Increased Self-Awareness, Confidence and Relaxation

Everything that you’ll learn through aikido builds upon itself. Once you make aikido a habit, you’ll be more self-aware. This, in turn, translates to confidence and relaxation. You’ll be more confident because you’ll be exercising regularly, getting your heart rate up and losing weight. By working out your muscles in a thoughtful manner, you’ll also be able to be more relaxed than ever before!

Join Aikido of El Paso, Today!

If you’re ready to improve your life for the better, sign up at Aikido of El Paso! If you’re still curious about what exactly aikido is, visit our academy and take a look at what we have to offer. Before long, you’ll begin to feel the benefits of aikido in your life.

Two aikido practitioners demonstrating a common move in a traditional aikido dojo

What Our Aikido Lessons Have to Offer

By Aikido Lessons, El Paso TX

Two aikido practitioners demonstrating a common move in a traditional aikido dojoAikido is a popular martial art among adults and children alike due to its real-world applications. In addition to being a great form of self-defense, aikido offers mental and emotional balance and fortitude to those who devote their bodies and minds to the art. Unlike other forms of exercise, which may simply exercise the body, aikido provides all-encompassing training that helps practitioners focus their mind and body into becoming the best version of themselves. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? If you’re in the El Paso area and you’re looking for a way to enrich your life, visit Aikido of El Paso!

Aikido Lessons: The Path Towards Achieving Inner Peace

Fundamentally, aikido is defined as a martial art that uses the momentum of an assailant to the practitioner’s advantage. As such, it’s much more “peaceful” than other martial arts. As with most martial arts, aikido also focuses on the philosophical and spiritual aspects of training. In fact, these aspects can be seen as more important than the actual, physical manifestations of force and defense. Aikido was established as a form of harmony with nature. Practitioners learn how to focus themselves and the world that surrounds them so, in the instance of an attack, the aikidoka (aikido practitioner) will be able to calmly and safely subdue their enemy or assailant by using the assailant’s own momentum. This can be achieved once the practitioners have reached peace within themselves and with nature. As formidable as this may seem, it’s possible for beginners to reach this degree of peace.

The Physical and Psychological Benefits of Aikido

Perhaps all this talk of “inner peace” may detract from the fact that aikido still serves as a great way to improve flexibility and physical fitness. As with most forms of martial arts or physical training, it’s necessary to devote one’s time and effort in order to grow in their knowledge of aikido. This is why aikido is a perfect option for adults and children. With the help of the instructor, practitioners will be able to work and excel at their own pace. Before long, you’ll notice the health benefits that come about from aikido. That, along with a newfound knowledge of self-defense, will give aikido practitioners a new lease on life. If you’re interested in signing up or simply curious as to what exactly aikido has to offer, give us a call or visit our academy, today!

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Is Aikido An Effective Form of Exercise for Adults?

By Aikido Classes for Adults, El Paso TX

As we age, we begin to get stagnant. Perhaps the routine of your professional life has caused you to calcify or maybe there aren’t enough hours in the day to devote to your personal training. Maybe you signed up for a gym but you haven’t gone in weeks. We understand the difficulty of devoting time out of your busy schedule to health and exercise. In order to achieve the health you deserve, you need to build up healthy habits. We’ve outlined three important reasons why you should choose aikido as the “exercise” portion of your diet and exercise routine.

1) Relieve Stress and Center Your Mind While Exercising

If you’re like most adults, you’ve heard the age-old adage of “diet and exercise.” It sounds so easy, to simply change your habits and then all of a sudden you’re fit and energetic! For many people, however, breaking these habits is very difficult. This is where martial arts come into play. Unlike going to the gym or jogging around your neighborhood throughout the week, you can gain valuable knowledge and insight with martial arts training. When you partake in aikido, you’ll work out your body and mind. Vocalizing is a big part of martial arts so you’ll be able to grunt and yell as you practice. This can help you relieve the stress you’ve accumulated throughout the day or week all while preparing you for what lies ahead!

2) Don’t Worry, This Is a Total Body Workout

Some may have preconceived notions of martial arts; perhaps martial arts don’t seem like a true workout. Well, you don’t have to worry because when you partake in aikido, you’ll experience a total body workout that will help you burn more calories in less time, build more muscle, and increase strength. Aikido is also highly aerobic so you’ll increase your flexibility and balance while burning calories. The bottom line is, aikido training can provide a plethora of benefits for adults who don’t have a lot of free time to devote to exercise.

3) Learn Something That Will Benefit You In Real Life

Martial arts are, at their core, a way of using your body as a weapon. Although aikido is a defensive martial art, you can still use what you’ve learned as self-defense. Building muscle by lifting weights may make you look chiseled but it won’t show you how to use the strength you’ve built up if you ever face an adversary. When you practice aikido, you’ll be able to be more flexible, have faster reflexes, and know what to do to defend yourself from attackers. Curious about aikido classes for adults in the El Paso area? Contact Aikido of El Paso today to learn more about how aikido can benefit you!

a woman practicing self defense at an aikido academy

Center Yourself in the Fast-Paced World with Self Defense Classes

By El Paso TX, Self Defense Classes

Although El Paso constantly ranks as one of the safest cities in the nation, bad things still happen to good people. By partaking in self defense classes, you’ll be able to have the knowledge and skills necessary to fend for yourself if the situation requires it. Aikido of El Paso proudly provides self defense classes to anyone who’s interested. Not only does self defense training boost your overall awareness and physical conditioning, but it also allows you to develop self-discipline while building up your confidence. It’s never too late to start!

The Physical Aspect of Self Defense Training

Self defense training is built upon a foundation of physical conditioning. As a martial art, aikido focuses on grappling and softness which means it redirects the momentum of the opponent’s attack, throwing the opponent off balance. Unlike other styles of martial arts, aikido is meant to protect both the practitioner and the attacker from injury. This differs aikido from other forms of martial arts as the physical training aspect requires mastery of controlled relaxation as well as correct movements of joints. Aikido has more of a focus on flexibility and endurance than in strength. This is because the force in the training comes from the attacker, never from the practitioner. Although there may not be an emphasis on strength training, practitioners still develop physical conditioning. But aikido goes far deeper than the surface; it penetrates the soul of the practitioner, guiding them on the correct path.

Centering Yourself in a Fast-Paced World

People partake in self defense classes in order to be able to protect themselves if the situation requires it. Although other styles of self defense may show you how to defeat an attacker, they also create violent intentions and aggressive thoughts. When it comes to self defense, it’s crucial for you to be able to center yourself. This way, you’ll be able to make the right decision on a split second. Self defense training from Aikido of El Paso will lead to more confidence and overall awareness. With enough training, you’ll be able to stay aware of any potential hazards in your immediate vicinity. As they say, the best offense is a good defense. This is exactly what aikido training has to offer. If you’re curious about aikido training, give Aikido of El Paso a call. We’re taking on new students regularly. Before long, you’ll have the knowledge and skill to defend yourself.

Start the New School Year with Aikido Youth Classes

By Aikido Youth Classes, El Paso TX

As we enter the month of September, students all across the El Paso area are quickly settling into the flow of things. The stress of school, homework, extracurricular activities, and friendship can wear down on the mind and spirit of students of all ages. This is where aikido youth classes come into play. By participating in aikido lessons specially designed for the youth, your child will be able to find focus while working out mind and body. Aikido can be seen as both a philosophy and martial art. Unlike karate or taekwondo, aikido is completely defensive. Students learn to use the force of their aggressors to defend themselves while protecting the aggressor from serious injury. Continue reading to find out how aikido can benefit your child’s life!

After School Aikido Youth Classes to Improve Academics

Many studies have shown that after-school sports can lead to better grades and more positive academic standing. Aikido, unlike soccer, football, basketball, or tennis, is a martial art that combines physical training with philosophy. The main tenant of aikido is non-resistance making it less about competition and more about finding internal balance and peace. One can see other sports as incredibly competitive and upsetting (if the child’s team were to lose, the child might feel responsible for not scoring the winning goal. This can lead to negative ramifications in the child’s life). But when it comes to aikido youth lessons, practitioners (also known as aikidoka) seek the path of non-resistance and thus avoid becoming bogged down in competition. Instead of being trained to beat others, aikidoka are trained to learn the perceive the correct path. This can assist students of aikido in academics, as well.

Learning Self-Defense from a Young Age

Aikidoka are able to learn a positive style of self-defense. Bullying is still rampant in schools across the world. If your child is facing issues at school, aikido can provide a form of self-defense that won’t result in any injuries to your child or the attacker. Through aikido, the practitioner makes use of the active attack that’s directed towards him or her. When a child partakes in aikido youth classes, she will learn self-defense without becoming overly aggressive. Aikido is a way of peace, self-discipline, and self-respect. If you’d like to learn more about what Aikido of El Paso has to offer, give us a call!

two aikido practitioners

Aikido Lessons for Beginners: Strengthen Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

By Aikido Lessons for Beginners, El Paso TX

Martial arts are named that because they truly are an art form. Much like a painting or interpretive dance, martial arts make use of naturality to create something beautiful. In many cases, this beauty can be used as a force for protection or defense. Aikido, for instance, can be seen as the perfect form of self-defense. Instead of imparting negativity and violence into the world, aikido teaches the student to use outside energy to defend oneself. Aikido is often seen as the most effortless martial art form. But achieving that weightlessness takes time, practice, and precision. If you’re looking for aikido lessons for beginners in the Southwest, Aikido of El Paso can help.

The Foundation of Aikido

Aikido is much more than a form of self-defense. It is a budo which is a term used to denote a way of life or, more profoundly, the way of the universe itself. For this reason, aikido training is meant to train both the body and the spirit. It is a philosophically enlightening artform that enhances the mind of the practitioner while empowering the body.  Aikido is not meant to be seen as a competition where the strongest prevails. It’s meant to be a chance for practitioners to better themselves while overcoming the enemies that reside within the spirit.

What To Expect from Aikido Lessons for Beginners

Aikido is very different from other martial art forms. For one, aikido is inherently defensive. Through aikido, practitioners use the negative energy from an outside force (or attacker) in order to defend themselves and the attacker as well. By learning the tenants of exerting expansive power and balance, practitioners will be able to generate energy that can then be used to deter attacks.

Watching aikidōka (aikido practitioners) may look a bit odd at first. One individual comes at the other and then they get flipped upside down or roll over on their backs. It may look more like an interpretive dance than self-defense. The flowing, artful vision of aikido may appear simple on the surface. It does, however, take time and persistence to achieve this level of mastery.

Take Your First Steps

If you’re ready to achieve enlightenment through aikido, contact Aikido of El Paso. This martial art form is excellent for children and adults alike. We offer aikido lessons for beginners and experts alike throughout the week. Give us a call today to learn more about how aikido training can benefit your life!